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Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, Inc.
3620 E. State Street
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
Our mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment for any abandoned, elderly, sick or abused animals and to assist animal shelters with over-population of animals in need of care due to their inability to provide it, and un-adoptable animals, by providing a forever home where they can live out their lives in peace and in good health.

We are in need of some supplies for our Sanctuary, any donations will be greatly appreciated. Here is a list of items. The bold items we are in desperate need of.

Fencing, printer paper, laundry detergent, fabric softner, bleach,heavy duty trash bags, dish soap, paper towels, toilet paper, rags, towels, blankets, latex rubber gloves, plastic crates(non folding), non-toxic floor cleaner

Dog Items  
    wet and dry dog food (for elderly dogs)
    durable dog toys (no stuffed toys or tennis balls please)
    dog beds
    thunder shirts for dogs
    dog treats (no rawhides please)
    groomer nail clippers
    leashes, collars and harnesses

Cat Items
    wet and dry cat food (for elderly cats)
    cat beds
food dishes
    cat treats
    cat toys
    small litter pans
    World's Best Cat Litter (Free 7lb bag through


Past Events

1st Annual Canine Health Fair Pictures

Our 1st Health Fair was a Great Success. There were 65 clients in attendance and feed back from them has been positive. If you were unable to attend but would like to suggest presentations for next time you can e-mail them to

Dr. Jeff Niziolek discussing Canine Periodontal Disease.


Dr. Brad Berlekamp discussing the importance of Canine Influenza vaccine.


Dr. Michael Stone, explaining the importance of Blood Monitoring when patients are on long term medication and when they go under anesthetic.


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We offer CareCredit as a payment option.
Click below for more information and interest free plans.