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There are 82 million pet cats in the U.S., compared with 72 million dogs, making cats the most popular pet. Yet studies show the number of feline veterinary visits is declining steadily each year. For example, a recent industry survey revealed that compared with dogs, almost three times as many cats hadn’t received veterinary care in the past year.

The disparity may be related to common myths about cat health, such as:   

  • Cats are naturally healthier and more problem-free than dogs.   

  • Feline health problems come from outside and don’t affect indoor cats.   

  • Cats will display visible signs of illness like dogs do.

The truth is, cats need regular veterinary care, including annual exams and vaccinations, just like dogs do. And because they are naturally adept at hiding signs of illness, annual exams are especially important for early diagnosis of health problems.

Oak Harbor Veterinary Hospital, Inc. is now offering a Feline Wellness Program.