The follwing guidelines are in effect to help protect staff and clients from Covid-19:

When you arrive for your appointment, please stay in the car and call the clinic at 419-898-3411 to let us know you are here. We will take your number and call you when the Dr. is ready to see you.
We may have you come in a door that you normally do not come in. When it is time for you appointment 1 person may enter the building with your pet. If children are with you and can not be left unattended, a staff member will come get your pet and the Dr. will call you and your appointment will be done over the phone. As you enter the building for your appointment please make sure that once you are in the exam room you have a seat in the provided chairs. Do not stand by the table/staff during the exam.

To pick up food/medications please call ahead and let us know you are coming. A staff member will prepare your order ahead of time and payment can be made via phone. When you are here please give us a call and a staff member will bring your items out to you.