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In order to provide superior service, all patients are seen by appointment. To get your desired appointment time please call in advance at 419-898-3411  or make an on-line appointment. For your convenience we do not close over the lunch period.  Clients may pick up medications or patients during all open hours. Please call 48 hours ahead for refills so we can have it prepared for pick-up.

Please free free to stop by the Hospital  to meet our team and check out our facility. We are dedicated to the quality of all your veterinary needs.


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Prevention is truly the best medicine. During your pets annual or bi-annual exam, we will thoroughly evaluate your pet, with your pets co-operation of course, review past medical history and address any concerns you may have. This also includes preventive measures such as vaccines for cats and vaccines for dogs,  heartworm and flea prevention. Since dogs and cats age 7 times faster, on average, than people, significant health changes can occur in a short time. For this reason, we recommend bi-annual appointments, especially for our senior patients. During this visit, we can address issues on Dental, Nutrition, Weight Management, Body Condition Score, Arthritis and Metabolic Problems and any other areas of concern. We treat all small animals.

Girl Cleaning Teeth of Dog


Dental care begins at home. It is an important part of our daily life and should be for our pets also. Eighty-five percent of dogs and cats have some form of periodontal disease. Daily brushing, rinsing or special treats can aid in fighting plaque-forming bacteria but you need to begin with a clean mouth.

When your pet needs professional dental treatments, we can remove plaque and harmful bacteria with chlorhexidine and an Ultrasonic Low Speed Scaler.  Any suspected teeth/tooth problems can be identified with our dental x-ray to aid in the decision of tooth extraction. Low Speed Polishing is then done before applying Fluoride Treatment.

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All surgeries are performed in a sterile environment with patients receiving pain medication to relieve discomfort and ease their recovery. Patients are monitored throughout surgery with a Pulseoximeter measuring heart rate and respiration.

We offer a full range of surgeries encompassing everything from spays/neuters to fracture repair and ophthalmic procedures. We also perform certain endoscopy and ultrasound procedures.

Patients requiring more specialized surgical procedures are referred to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine or Columbus Med Vet Referral Services.

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We maintain a fully stocked pharmacy for your convenience. Once your pet is diagnosed there will be no waiting at a pharmacy. Your prescription will be ready for you upon discharge.

If you can not pill your pet, just let us know. Most prescriptions can be compounded into an oral liquid using the Flavorx System. Our medications are stored and packaged under the strict regulations of the Federal Drug Administration. If you are running low on a current prescription or food just give us a call and we will have them ready at your convenience to pick up.

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Our In-House Laboratory is fully equipped to perform Hematology Blood Tests, which include CBC, Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cells and Platelets, Chemistry Blood Tests, Electrolytes, Thyroid Tests, Urinalysis, Internal and External Parasite Identification, Cytology and Electrocardiograms. We screen for Glaucoma using a specialized instrument called a Tono Vet. We screen for Heartworm Disease, Lymes Disease, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichia in our canine patients. Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus in our feline patients. We utilize local and national veterinary laboratory services for evaluation of other tissue and organ functions, and for histological and cytological testing.

Oak Harbor Veterinary Hospital: Diagnostic imaging with Dog

Diagnostic Imaging

Radiographs are an important diagnostic tool for many of the common conditions we see. These include fractures of bones, difficulty breathing as well as vomiting. This equipment is on-site and gives us immediate results with Digital processing. We also have the ability to use contrast material to highlight specific areas of interest such as the joints, kidneys, bladder, stomach and intestinal tract. Images can be sent to radiology specialists that are available for consultation on difficult cases, with answers typically available in a couple of hours. This compliments our diagnostic capabilities including the My Lab 30 Digital Ultrasound which gives us superior images compared to the standard analog units.

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